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We Support Asian Companies in European Investment  Strategies

Europe Has Become an Investment Focus For Chinese Companies

  • Over the last ten years Chinese and Hongkong companies are investing in European markets – at increasing intensity
  • Europe is an attractive investment target given the market size, the repository of strong technological expertise as well as a general openness to Chinese-European partnerships and alliances

However, Sustainble Success With European Investments Requires Much More Than Just a Good Target and a Professional Transaction

  • Given the cultural differences between the two regions and the low level of experiences in cooperation on both sides, European investments bear some risks of failure, as history shows
  • To ensure long term success of European investments, Chinese companies should seek for foreign support in not only getting the investment (mostly M&A) process right, but also in managing the entire investment life cycle: from clear and realistic goal setting, through sound and specific target selection up to finding a successful set up in managing the overseas investment by effectively empowering European management and growing the business

exasia business advisors Is Specialized in Supporting Chinese Companies in the Execution and the Successful Management of European Investments

  • Providing necessary M&A expertise as well as management expertise to not only process the transaction but also to make it work on the long term
  • exasia‘s team comprises of senior professionals with tenure management expertise as well as a broad professional network in applicable industrial fields, be it industry experts, tax, legal and accounting experts as well as industry associations throughout Europe

exasia‘s Target Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Industry Automation, General Industry Applications and Machine Tools
  • Transportation
  • Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection
  • Food production and Safety

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